Rouse & Company specializes in the design, implementation, funding, education, and service of executive benefits for public, private companies and nonprofits.

As our client, you can expect to work closely with us to develop and deliver the essential competitive advantages necessary to secure & motivate key talent, foster your legacy through business transition, and thrive in an ever-changing marketplace.

Explore the full range of Rouse & Company services, resources, products & capabilities, developed through more than 25 years of executive benefit industry experience.

Core Disciplines

Nonqualified Plans

Nonqualified plans are an executive’s most effective, tax-advantaged strategy for building wealth, aligning stakeholder and key talent objectives in a powerful and cost-effective way.

Financing Solutions

We offer multiple plan financing techniques tailored to your company’s cash flow, tax considerations, financial statements, cost and long-term performance.

Carve-Out Programs

We design solutions to reward key employees with supplemental risk protection programs beyond what is available to them through the company’s group insurance plans.

Succession Planning

Business Succession is designed to help business owners successfully transition out of their business. We offer buy-sell, transfer and inside-transition strategies.

Planning Expertise

By their very nature, the programs we design for you are long-term engagements. You can rely on Rouse & Company to foster an enduring relationship supported by attentiveness, accessibility, commitment to service, and stewardship.

We serve all industries & specialize in the following planning areas:

Key Employee Retention

Encourage loyalty & help secure the financial futures of your key people before & after retirement.

Attracting Key Talent

Attract top talent to your organization by offering highly competitive benefits.

Ownership Transition

Ensure your business & legacy will transition as smoothly as possible when it’s time to pass the torch.

Long-term Incentives

Provide performance-based incentives to motivate key talent & achieve organizational goals.

Bridging the Retirement Gap

NQDC plans allow key employees & employers to contribute additional tax-deferred compensation.

Plan Audit & Remodeling

The multi-generational workforce requires a contemporary revamp of some older plan designs.

Our Proven Process

Executive benefit solutions can often be challenging to design, implement & evaluate, but we'll ease the complexity, paving the way with a simple process for you - start to finish.

Successful programs are carefully aligned with corporate objectives, evaluated for effectiveness, and delivered in a simple-to-understand manner.

Rouse & Company delivers an enduring educational approach to optimize participant utilization and perceived value, factors critical to elevating your company's investment.






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